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Heena Khan came to the Bigg Boss house for the first time in Bigg Boss to reveal and to find the first Elite Club member.

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When Hina Khan came to the house, all the contestants were put in a dock in the garden area and Hina Khan said that both Shehnaaz and Asim will stand in the dock and either one of you will be the first member of the Elite Club or either.

Hina Khan said that now both of you tell me how different you are from each other, then earlier Shehnaaz said that I have made different different things in this house but they did only one thing The battle is infinite, it is said that it is not like this, I have not befriended anyone here but on that matter of friendship, Siddharth and Shefali call Asim a liar. Asim says that Shehnaaz always flips and says Hina Khan It is said that everyone flips in this house, Shehnaaz says, I have also entertained everyone, I have also shown my cuteness, on this Rashmi says that she is in favor of Asim, Shahnaz A Neither of them is stability rather not cantentisiti His Thought, which Aarti who hit it flip over not had her honor on where to Shehnaaz’s side is in favor of flip must Shahnaz struck there. Now Hina Khan has to decide who will be the first member of Elite club.

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