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WHAT BROKE UP IN MADHURIMA VISHAL’S FEUD? It is Shehnaaz and Rashmi’s friendship that is been broken because of Vishal and Madhurima’s ugly fight in the House.

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Anything can happen at any time inside Bigg Boss 13. When a friend becomes an enemy, it is not known even to the members and audience present in Bigg Boss house. Something similar happened when Shehnaaz Gill would fight badly with Rashmi Desai. At the same time, Rashmi Desai gets emotional after listening to Shehnaaz and says that anyone goes by speaking anything to them.

In the garden area, Shehnaaz speaks to Asim, sitting next to Rashmi Desai, that she does not know why she is not talking to me. On this Rashmi says that I felt bad about the things that Shehnaaz said to me yesterday, due to which I am not talking to Shehnaaz. In fact, a day earlier, in the battle of Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh, Shehnaaz, fighting Rashmi Desai, calls her good and bad and also talks about her status.

When Rashmi explains the reason for not talking to Shehnaaz, Shehnaaz says that if it happens in a fight, now you are putting it on her heart then it is a very different thing. On which Rashmi says that if she speaks anything, she will not take her friend. You are listening to me in someone else’s stand, I do not want to listen to them. After this, Shehnaaz said that I did not say anything wrong to it, then Rashmi says that you feel it is right, so you stay right in your place. I do not like all this.

After this, Shehnaaz speaks to Rashmi that I came to know about what you guys talk about behind my back. Rashmi says on this, everyone does this, you are not even a sharif, if things happen after a certain time, then everyone does. After this, Shehnaaz goes to Rashmi after narrating things, due to which Rashmi becomes emotional. Rashmi speaks in emotional words that anyone goes away after hearing me.

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