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bigg boss 13: Vishal Madhurima’s fight in Bigg Boss house crossed all limits

Between Madhurima and Vishal’s fight, Madhurima beat Vishal with frypan, now what will the Bigg Boss decide?

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There is no longer any rule in the house of Bigg Boss, everyone is seen raising hands on each other, in which Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli are also not far behind. Both are trying to entertain the audience with their quarrels and love. However, in this one month, there has been less love and more quarrel between the two. Recently again this couple will fight so badly that the other members will also get scared.

In today’s episode we will see Madhurima and Vishal are seen fighting badly. Madhurima Tuli tells Vishal Aditya Singh, go and look at his sister in law. Vishal says come on his own. After this, Vishal throws water on Madhu and Madhu also throws water on Vishal. Water falls on his mic and camera as well, for which Bigg Boss has to warn.

Vishal goes to Madhu and tells her something. After this, a quarrel between the two begins. The quarrel grows so much that the two start throwing water at each other. Vishal pours water on the quilt of Madhurima. Madhu also stands in the kitchen and throws water on Vishal.

Vishal Madhurima’s fight in Bigg Boss house crossed all limits.

Bigg Boss then interrupts, saying that water is going on the mic and the camera. What do you not understand? Madhu and Vishal do not stop here either. Madhu frys Vishal with a pan so much that the fie pan breaks. Seeing this kind of quarrel of both, the family also get upset. At the same time Vishal demands to go out of the house. They do not listen to even one thing about Bigg Boss. Rashmi starts crying while explaining to Vishal. Asim also tries to explain but Vishal does not listen to anyone. Bigg Boss will give a tough talk to both of them if they act.

In fact, the quarrel between the two escalates when Aarti tells Shehnaz in front of Madhurima that Vishal did not get anything, then went on teasing it in a senseless way to fight. The battery did not give it and went out. After this, Shahnaz says never react to small things. When you do not react to these things, it will be afraid from inside.

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