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How Vishal woke up all family members at midnight.

A surprising news has emerged from Bigg Boss 13. There is a suspicion of some soul in Bigg Boss house. Today we will see that all the contestants present in Bigg Boss house are scared and scared to know about the ghost.

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Vishal Aditya Singh suddenly wakes up at midnight and tells the other members present in the house that very strange sounds are coming. At the same time, Madhurima Tuli also seems to agree on his point. In the promo, Vishal suddenly gets up and says that there is something inside the house. Madhurima also gets up saying yes. On this, Asim does not believe Vishal and says that he is crazy.

After this Vishal speaks, I am not crazy, I believe. Aditya further says that you people will not believe but this door was ringing very often. After this, Madhuria said that I felt that some power is pulling me away. At the same time, Shefali Jariwala also says that he had come for the door. After this Vishal says whoever believes and who does not have it, I am not speaking to mock or scare anyone.

With Vishal’s family, this ghost is true or false, or is it a task given to Bigg Boss, it will be revealed when today’s show is aired.

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