For whom would the householders offer sacrifice in the captaincy task from the Shahnaz or vishal.

In ‘Bigg Boss 13’ the house was made to Mars for the Captaincy Task. The family had to find water on Mars. According to the rule, the contender whose water will be filled till the last will be the next captain. In this way Shahnaz Gill and Vishal Aditya Singh became the next two contenders for captaincy. Today one of these two captains will be chosen.

In today’s episode, Shahnaz and Vishal will be given another task to do. For this, family members will have to sacrifice their belongings. Vishal and Shehnaaz are asked to tarnish Asim’s workout belt. Asim supported Shehnaz and agreed to sacrifice for him. Shahnaz had given Asim in the captaincy task last week, due to which Asim could become the captain of the house.

Bigg Boss asks for a sacrifice to destroy all the pictures of Rashmi’s family. Rashmi destroyed the photos for Vishal. At the same time, Paras is asked to destroy his shoes. Paras says that his shoes are very expensive. While celebrating Paras, Shehnaz says, ‘I am not worthy of your heart but I can be worthy of your shoes, is it not?’

The same Aarti is asked to tear the letter written by her mother on which Vishal tries to convince her for herself. Then comes Mahira’s turn and she is asked to tear down the photo of her mother, where she makes it clear that May has come on the show for her mother and may never do so.