In ‘Bigg Boss 13’, the family nominated each other after the New Year celebration. This is huge as Six members nominated to be out of the house this week.

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In ‘Bigg Boss 13’, the family nominated each other after the New Year celebration.

This time the process of nomination was slightly different. Householders put a stamp on each other’s face in the living area and gave the reason why they want to make homeless from home. During this process, there was a lot of quarrel among the families.

This time six people were nominated from home. Nominated members are :-

1.Vishal Aditya Singh

2. Madhurima Tuli

3.Shefali Bagga

4.Shefali Jariwala,

5.Mahira Sharma

6.Rashmi Desai.

All of these members, except Rashmi Desai, were nominated on the basis of the vote of the family members. While Rashmi Desai was nominated by Shahnaz Kaur Gill to make her homeless straight from home.

In fact, ‘Bigg Boss’ had given the privilege of Shahnaz Kaur Gill as a captain to nominate one member directly from home. The special thing is that Shahnaz nominated Rashmi because of Siddharth. Shehnaz said- ‘The first reason is that I think you love me falsely. Second is to stay away from my friend. I can’t hear a word against him. Otherwise I will break my mouth.

Apart from the nomination process, the householders were seen fighting each other over the duty of cooking. Mahira had a fight with Vishal and Rashmi Desai over food. Rashmi accused Mahira that neither the food gets on time nor the breakfast in your duty. At the same time, Mahira and Vishal had a fight for making two rotis.

After this Mahira cried too. Seeing Mahira weeping, Paras went to Shehnaz and told him that Mahira will not do the work of cooking from tomorrow. As soon as Paras said this, Siddhartha explained to Paras and told Mahira that you are making an issue without talking. You are looking wrong by doing this.