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Rashmi Desai and Siddharth Shukla’s feud in ‘Bigg Boss’ 13 has crossed all limits. Not only did Siddharth and Rashmi abuse each other, but Siddharth spoke about Rashmi in front of the family, which Rashmi Desai flared up on hearing. Siddharth Shukla did this when Rashmi Desai was inciting him to fight again and again.

Siddharth was trying to end Asim and Paras’ debate in the Gordon area when Rashmi Desai arrives there. Rashmi was repeatedly telling Siddharth that Ae Gunda, Ae Gunda. Siddharth was listening to Rashmi but was not answering. After this Rashmi said, is this your house? After this Siddharth said- ‘I stopped bringing you like home.’

After this Rashmi throws tea at Siddharth. In response, Siddhartha also does the same and then Arhaan comes in the middle. Arhan gets in the middle of the conversation and gets into a scuffle between the two. Arhan’s shirt bursts in a scuffle. To prevent these two, the family members defend themselves.

Angrily Rashmi says- ‘You are so mean, don’t you show your status?’ In response, Siddharth says- ‘I am showing your status.’ Rashmi says- ‘There must be women in your house.’ Then Siddhartha says- ‘The women of my house are not like you’. The quarrel between these two does not stop here. After this Rashmi uses offensive words about Siddharth’s family.

Siddhartha flares up on hearing this word. After this Rashmi says- ‘I threw tea on you because you are trash.’ After this Rashmi weeps again. Aarti explains then Rashmi says’ how is he saying such things. What does it mean? During this time no girl spoke in support of me. All the girls in the house are timid. I have been listening to her for two and a half months. With such people I do not want to stay at home any more. Rashmi, meanwhile, calls Siddharth an addict and a druggist.