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Paras Chhabra had already declared love to Mahira, but now Mahira will also declare her love in front of the family. After this revelation of Mahira, Shahnaz will confront her and there will be a lot of ruckus in the house. The new promo of ‘Bigg Boss 13’ has arrived. In this promo video, Shahnaz and Mahira are seen fighting over Paras.

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Mahira is saying to Shehnaz- ‘I am saying in clear words. Now stay away from it. I like it. ‘ After this, Mahira kisses Paras. Seeing all this, Shahnaz says- ‘I do not come near it and you do not burn at all. If you are having trouble then this is your problem, not mine. In response, Mahira says- ‘Friend, by speaking friend you did what was in your heart.’ The video shows Paras also kissing Mahira in front of Shahnaz.

he members present there are surprised to see these two fighting like this. It is so clear from this video that a tremendous drama about love triangle between Mahira, Paras and Shehnaaz is about to be seen. When Paras confessed his love to Mahira for the first time, his girlfriend Akanksha Puri gave a statement on it.

Talking to India Forum website, Akanksha Puri had said- ‘I am doubting our three-year relationship with the way Paras looks in the house. I do not understand whether Paras who has been doing this for three months in Bigg Boss house is true or his three year old relationship with me is true. I am just waiting for her to come out now. I think the friendship with Mahira that I had advised her to be, has overshadowed me. But I do not want to come to any conclusion without talking to her. ‘

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