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bigg boss 13: Shehnaz’s one sided attachment

Siddharth said to Shehnaaz that there is only attachment from your side, there is nothing from my side which Shehnaaz has felt very bad.

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Shehnaaz Asim Rashmi is sitting in the spacious and Arti garden area, then it is said that the top is 9 now, now it will be the top 8, on which Shehnaaz says that I am in the top 8, on which everyone starts laughing.

Then Asim says that man nominates this, that means ‘Rashmi’ will be finished, then Arti says to Rashmi, don’t ask me to send all the things, then Rashmi says that you should not take tension. I tell to Bigg Boss will tell the same to send the goods to which Arti says that he will send the word to Asim, then Arti says to send Siddharth, he will send it, then Rashmi says’ Thanks for the Suggestion My jaan’

Then Shehnaaz says and Arti will speak my stuff, Arti send all the items of Shehnaaz, then Rashmi says that you will also speak to Shukla, then Shehnaaz says why should I speak to Shukla, there was only such attachment from my side. If we have cleared, there is nothing between us, is Siddharth really breaking Shehnaaz’s heart or hurting her feeling.

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