In today’s episode of Bigg Boss 13, see how Shahnaz will take her revenge on Mahira through comedy.

Yesterday we saw that Parishosh who has come inside the house with some cursors, he will call all the families today and tell all the contestants to listen to some comedy written by Harsha, so that whose comedy will be liked by the Big Boss, even more than the Captain. A power will be found in which, seeing the video, it seems that Dersko will like Shahnaz’s comedy more, Shehnaz tells Mahira that see yourself Mahira month Ra says here has had nothing to say to me calling Public own Shahnaz Shahnaz you who that May be jealous of. After that, Siddharth tells Darsko do you like that if I marry Siddharth, Darsak says yes, on that Shehnaaz tells Siddharth that Siddharth calls after big boss.