Yes this is right. In today’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 we can see daring Salman Khan was sweating seeing Mallika on stage. Mallika Sherawat arrived on Saturday’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss 13’ and added a dash of boldness.

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When Mallika went inside the house, she also gave many tasks to the family members. Today, Mallika will share the stage with Salman Khan and will be seen romancing with him.

Wearing a green color dress, Mallika enters the Big Boss stage in a grand manner. During the entry, Mallika dances to the song ‘Jalebi Bai’. Salman also supports him fully. On seeing Mallika, Salman says that ‘You are so hot that I feel hot’. After this, Salman starts taking air from a board in his hand.

When Salman says hot, Mallika asks, “How hot am you tell me?” Salman says, ‘so, so’. Mallika further says, ‘You are blushing. Hold your hand, roll your eyes and say those three words. ‘ Mallika then feeds Nankhatai to Salman. Now what else will Mallika do to Salman, this will be shown in the episode aired today.

Earlier inside the house, Mallika Sherawat made an entry by dancing to the song ‘Bhige Lip Tere’ from the film ‘Murder’. As soon as she comes home, Mallika tells Siddharth Shukla – ‘Can I sit here?’ In response, Siddharth says- ‘In the lap?’ After this Mallika sits on Siddharth’s lap. Mallika then tells Siddharth that ‘Where is your heart and where is it beating?’ In response, Siddharth says- ‘In front of your heart.’

Mallika performed a romantic dance with Siddharth and Asim. Seeing the dance of these two, the housemates start laughing. Mallika is so impressed by Asim that she wants to see his six pack abs. Asim picks up his T-shirt and shows his abs.

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