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Salman Khan has been troubled by the antics of the families every week as we have seen in the previous episodes, Salman Khan always explains to everyone, But the next day, they all do something that Salman Khan cannot resist himself on the weekend.

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But this week, everyone has crossed their limits, due to which Salman Khan started the class fiercely and in the task every time 6 people got hurt in the hands of fighting. Rashmi’s finger also fractured; all tasks canceled Salman Khan angrily told everyone that Siddharth Shukla Rashmi Desai Arhan Khan Shefali Jariwala Shahnaz Gill Vishal Singh Hindustani Bhau Aseem All of you go out of the house.

Because all of them do so in the same way even the Big Boss opened the door, but In today’s episode we will see that no one goes out of the house Everyone speaks sorry to Salman Khan, now we will see whether Salman Khan will accept his sorry or not.

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