Bigg Boss 13 weekend ka war will see Salman Khan in super angry mood. He was so angry with contestants fighting over petty issues and taking mud fights to personal level. He said- ‘I shudn’t have come here today’.

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Bigg Boss 13- Salman Khan is super angry

In Bigg Boss 13 all the contestants have started coming in their true colors. There was a ruckus among some contestants and some came down on the hand. At the same time, there was such a fight between Shehnaz and Shefali that Shefali agreed to leave the house.

Previously Salman had told Paras about his image being made outside and that is not good.

After this, Paras was enraged and said, ‘ This time if Salman sir supported Shahnaz, he would leave the show.

Watch Video- Bigg Boss 13- Salman Khan is super angry