Salman Khan came to clean BB House after seeing dirty toilet-kitchen, said- ‘No one is ashamed’

In ‘Bigg Boss 13’ Salman Khan did not come to host on Weekend Ka Vaar on Saturday. Seeing this, his fans were disappointed. In place of Salman, director Rohit Shetty went inside the house and gave many tasks to the family. Today Salman will go inside the house. During this time, Salman will do something that will be the first time in the history of Bigg Boss.

Salman himself will go inside the main house. Salman will also be accompanied by two crew members of the show. At this time, the householders are in the bedroom. First of all, Salman starts cleaning the kitchen on his own. The housemates are shocked and ask them not to do so. Salman takes out the spoiled vegetables and other items from the fridge and keeps them in the dustbin. On seeing them, Paras says that “We have not looked in the fridge at all.”

After the kitchen, Salman reaches the bathroom area where he cleans the bathroom. When Salman goes to the bathroom, other family members including Vishal refuse to do any cleaning. The family members constantly apologize to them.

Departing from the main house, Salman arrives on stage to host. Looking at Salman on screen, Asim says, Sorry sir. Salman says on this, “For what sorry?” Nobody is ashamed here. Everyone considers themselves as thirty-two Khans.

This week, Shahnaz became the captain of the house. Under his captaincy many members of the house were seen to be confused about the work. The house looked dirty due to the non-working of the family. After which Salman himself came to teach them a lesson.