Paras Chhabra’s mother came to the house and gave him some warning! PARAS’S MOTHER AS SOON AS SHE CAME INTO THE HOUSE, she sternly SAID TO PARAS STAY AWAY FROM MAHIRA.

Family round is going on these days in ‘Bigg Boss 13’. Today Paras Chhabra’s mother will arrive on the show. Paras’s mother put her class on kissing Mahira. Not only this, Paras’s mother also told him to stay away from Mahira.

Paras’s mother says that ‘First stop being the godfather here. Your game was going very well. Earlier you were at a height from where you have come down now. ‘ Here Paras’s mother was pointing towards Mahira. The show has seen good bonding of Paras-Mahira so far. He is always seen supporting them.

Paras’s mother says that ‘this who you kiss him does not like all this. You have gone to the backfoot. Pay attention to the game. 36 will come, 36 will go, but your mother will bring you with you. ‘ Now it has to be seen how much Paras is acting on this advice of the mother.

Earlier, when Mahira’s mother came on the show, she would look at Paras and say – ‘You have a girlfriend outside the house. Akanksha is very sweet and Mahira is just your friend. Don’t kiss Mahira again and again. ‘ During this, Mahira is looking at her mother and there is a smile on Paras’s face. Apart from Mahira’s mother, Shahnaz Kaur Gill’s father also took up Paras’ class. Shahnaz’s father said that ‘earlier you used to say to Shahnaz, Mahira is jealous of you. Now this is what you say to Mahira. There are fights between the two because of you.