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Asim’s brother came into the house as soon as Asim asked this thing about Himanshi Khurana.

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Asim Riaz’s brother Omar Riaz’s entry in ‘Bigg Boss 13’ will also be in a bang style. Omar is Asim’s elder brother and is constantly supporting him outside the show. Umar met all the family members as soon as he came on the show. Along with this, Asim was also advised to make the game stronger.

Asim’s brother Umar will appear in today’s episode at home. Omar said to Asim- ‘The way you are playing is being appreciated. You are the most training contender outside. People are eager to have a glimpse of you. Keep your focus on the bus trophy and entertain the family.

Omar said no further – ‘Whatever you say, Salman sir, take it from a positive perspective. Be friends with whom you are friends, but do not cast out your enmity in the quarrels of others. As Umar says this, Asim asks his brother about Himanshi Khurana. Asim says that his brother had said that Himanshi is not getting married, is it all right? In response, Umar says- ‘What you have heard is the same.’ Asim smiles on Asim’s face upon hearing this.

Omar comes out and meets the family. When Rashmi says that everyone else fights with it, it becomes lonely. Thanks for supporting. After this, he says to Siddharth – ‘Both of you were very much liked by people outside. I felt like you are big brother inside as I am elder brother. You both have the same personality. A little more angry. So whenever you talk, pay attention to the words.

Let me tell you, Asim had expressed his love for Himanshi in the show. However, Himanshi said that she is already Engage and will get married as soon as she leaves. Asim cried as soon as Himanshi left the show. The special thing is that Himanshi also met Omar, brother of Asim.

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