Bigg Boss 13: On returning, Siddharth again confronted the family members

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On returning, Siddharth again confronted the family members, Rashmi gave this answer when asked to be a maid.

The home game has become interesting once again after the return of Siddharth Shukla in ‘Bigg Boss 13’. Due to his health, Bigg Boss kept him away from the race of Captaincy. Siddharth, who came under attack from Salman Khan for his aggressiveness, is still seen in a cool style at home. However, he will again be seen as an aggressor in the coming episodes.

In the promo video that surfaced, Siddharth Shukla will be seen confronting several members of the house. During a task, the new captain of the house, Asim Riaz, tells Siddharth that ‘You have not done any rest for the last two hours. I think you should play the game now. ‘ After Asim, Rashmi tells her from behind that ‘Don’t go to health’. Siddharth points to Rashmi and says’ She is your maid? Why is she speaking in the middle. ‘

On Siddharth’s saying, Asim says that “As soon as you open your mouth, you become zero.” Arhaan tells Siddharth that ‘do you talk like this at home too?’ Siddharth says, “I don’t have such girls at my house”. Hearing Siddharth, Rashmi says’ what is the point of saying such girls? Your mother is also a maid who cooks. ‘

Asim says to Siddhartha, ‘Because of your behavior, be alone today. Siddharth says on this, ‘I may be alone but I do not stab back. All of you are scared by my being alone.

At the same time, Vikas Gupta is seen supporting Siddharth during this time. Vikas says that ‘everybody together is behind Siddhartha. After leaving the house, I will tell Salman how all are surrounded by the same person. Please tell that this weekend Vikas will be out of the house, he came on the show for two weeks only.