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Today, there will be a direct question of media in the house of Bigg Boss from the contestants of the house.

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First of all, the media asks Rashmi Desai, what is your final relationship status, then Rashmi says right know i am single. in response that there is no question of joining me now with Arhan Khan.

Then the media says that it means you are ready to be Mingle, so here Siddharth is already ready to be Mingle, then Siddharth and Rashmi say that our conversation is going well now, let’s see what will happen then Siddharth says If I say something next, I will do the same.

In the media house, Bachhav will ask questions from 4 contestants, in which there will be many questions, which will make everyone’s senses fly on hearing.

Then the question is to Asim that Salman Khan said that you are not looking for him, you have become so aggressive then Asim said that if only my anger is being shown, then I cannot do anything.

After that, Paras is asked that you had made a comment about Rashmi and Arhan’s relationship but you were clear about your relationship with Aakanksha and why Paras says that I did not comment that it was bad for me. Used to be.

Shehnaaz is then asked if you have been given the tag of the flipper. You know what the flipper means. This flipper name is joining me, so I don’t have any problem, then the media people say that you want the fan to tell you the flipper.

Then there is the question that you have always taken a stand for Siddharth, but he does not do you, you cannot play alone by keeping your own self-respect, then Siddharth asks the media people when I have done his shelf response hurt It is said that when you saved Aarti, the place where you should have done Shahnaz.

After that, both Mahira Paras are questioned that what problem do you both have with Siddharth and Shehnaaz, why do you want to separate both Uda, then both Paras and Mahira go to the square and say when have you seen this then the media Told that this happened in the cup task. More questions will be asked by the media, whose entire episode will be seen at 10:30 tonight.

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