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Bigg Boss Gave luxury budget work at home.

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As we saw yesterday, luxury work was given in the house, in which 2 teams were made, 1 team consisted of Siddharth Paras Shahnaz Mahira Aarti and Devolina .

On the other side, Aseem Shefali, Vishal Himanshi Bhau and Rashmi were in the task, there was full support from the team of Siddharth in the task but no one was ahead of the team of Aseem .

Did not want to play because there was a lot of snuff in the game, in which a lot of people got hurt but Siddharth’s team won and lots of Ration was also won on which only the winning team member had the right fight between Paras and Aseem, in which the fight went on increasing personal comment.

In which Paras even told Aseem that he lives in a pug, wears an ordinary dress and does not even have a car, which makes Aseem very bad but he too is silent. He did not sit and he also gave him the right answer, so that all the people were with Aseem, in this same anger, Paras and Mahira also fought.

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