Today, in the @RajatSharmaBBLive ki adalat mein , Siddharth Shukla will reveal the story of his and Rashmi’s relationship!

Today, the real fight between Siddharth Shukla and Rashmi Desai in the Bigg Boss house will be the reason for the entire television which will tell about Siddharth Shukla himself, in today’s episode, Rajat Sharma who is famous for “Aap Ki Adalat” and a success He is a news reporter, he will come to the Bub House and open all the closed letters.

Similarly, he asked Siddharth the truth of his and Rashmi’s relationship. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on what Siddhartha answers to this question. Siddharth immediately replied and said- ‘Sir, if the matter has arisen, I will tell you now. I used to like Rashmi very much at first. Once on set it did something that made things worse. Once it gave an interview during the show which was printed in it, it said that I have more trouble with these things. Nine out of ten things that he gave the reason, he used to do it himself.

It is significant that before Siddharth, Rashmi was also asked the truth of her and Siddharth’s relationship. Rashmi was asked by the anchor – ‘You have a very old relationship with Siddhartha?’ In response to Rajat Sharma’s question, Rashmi says- ‘Very old, heart to heart.’ After this Rajat Sharma says- ‘Before coming home, what was the matter that he wanted to clarify?’ In response, Rashmi said- ‘This is a very personal question, sir?’ On this Rajat Sharma said- ‘This is the time to tell everything.’ You will get a bigger platform than this.

On this Rashmi said- ‘Aarti called me she wanted to meet me. When I reached there, Siddhartha also came suddenly. I did not know that he would come there. Siddharth apologized to me. He said that all had to end by talking. I said okay now. Rashmi said- ‘Before I met Siddharth on the phone, it happened very badly. I even blocked him. It is clear from these statements of Siddharth and Rashmi that there was a friendship between the two, which is now broken.