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Bigg Boss gave the task of becoming the captain to the householders.

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in which they had to give or destroy the letter that came in everyone’s house. This Totaly depends on those who will get this letter in which Rashmi got the letter from Shahnaz’s house. But Rashmi destroys the letter which made Shahnaz very bad and Rashmi nominated her name for captain.

Then after that latter came from the Aarti’ house, to which was found by Asim, but Asim gave that letter to Aarti and in which there was a mother’s latter from her house so sweet of Asim.

After that Shaifali Jariwala tells Aseem and Vishal that Vikash Gupta has told me about his husband Therefore, if you find my letter, then destroy it, on which the Bigg Boss took the class of Shaifali. And the Bigg Boss, who came from his house latter, said that you should destroy yourself.

Now the game was overturned when the mastermind Vikash Gupta came from Rashmi’s house to Letters and she got Letter from Hindustani Bhau.

but Vikash Gupta snatched the rams away from Destroy Because he said that he has Arhan, he does not need the rams, then the whole house started fighting.

After that latter came from Hindustani Bhau’s house, and Shefali Jariwala, who was found the latter and destroyed latter.

who came from her house Which he probably should not have done because the eye has been speaking for a long time, let me talk to my son, Bhau said to Shefali that you should not have done this. I wore this mike for my son. Asim took advantage of it and gave very bad good to Shefali Jariwala and a lot of fighting took place between the two.

Now let’s see in today episode from the rest of the people in house they get latter or destroyed Tonight 10.30 pm.

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