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bigg boss 13: Himanshi called Asim’s feeling filmi

Himanshi is not able to trust Asim’s love, nor is she understanding his feeling as a genuine.

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There is talk in the house between Himanshi and Rashmi about Aseem, in which Rashmi says that Aseem loves you so much that you don’t even do that. Himanshi says that I have come to know a lot of things that I have to clear and will not go out here.

On which Rashmi says that it is okay to keep a zone but there are no friends, both of you are more than that, both of you live like a couple and it looks. Well stay the same, but do not say friend Himanshi says that if someone has felt for me, then what is my fault in this, why am I being held responsible? Himanshi told Rashmi that the close friend of Aseem told me not to confess in front of Asim.

On the one hand, Vikash Gupta also explains to Himanshi in the bathroom area that his game is now, he is so much in love. You keep clarity always when Himanshi says that all he does in the flow is that love is love, then he says that he does not listen to anyone in this house nor does he trust anyone, he only does it on you and if he Don’t get the kind of clarity, neither will it go mad.
It is also said to Vikas Himanshi that whoever is clear, because whatever he wants, he can go to any extent for it.

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