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There are 10 members left in the house of Bigg Boss, in which Vishal and Madhurima have been punished by Bigg Boss, due to which only the family members of 8 members will come to meet them in Family Week.

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Aarti’s Brother Krushna Abhishek

Bigg Boss house is now undergoing a round of meeting with family members. This is a time when a contestant imprisoned for a long time gets a chance to meet any of his family members. In such a situation, the first opportunity was found by Aarti Singh, who has set an incredible journey in the show without much controversy. As her brother Krishna Abhishek enters the house, Aarti runs and hugs him tightly.

It was a very happy moment. Both siblings are talking heart to heart with emotion. Meanwhile, Krishna tells Aarti that people are liking him a lot outside, because she is playing with a very clean heart and a lot of heart. He says, ‘You have raised the head of your whole family with pride.’

Both had become very emotional and had tears in their eyes. In such a situation, Krishna refers to an event in front of Aarti. He says, ‘I was shooting in Delhi recently. Then some school children came there, and they called me Aarti’s brother. ‘ Krishna continues, ‘It was one of the proudest moments of my life. I am so glad that you Bigg Boss reached here crossing all the stages of this difficult journey. ‘ Krishna tells his sister that every person outside this house is supporting him and he wants to see her in the finale.

Making the two meet more blissful, Bigg Boss tells Aarti that another surprise awaits them in the store room. Aarti runs to the store room where both Krishna’s children are waiting to meet their aunt. There is no place for Aarti’s happiness and she hugs the children tightly. Both children especially make them happy for their aunt by dancing on some songs brought to them.

Mahira’s Mother in bigg boss house.

Mahira Sharma’s mother will also come to the Bigg Boss house. As soon as she came to the house, Mahira’s mother told Paras that the housemates were shocked as soon as they heard it. Mahira’s mother comes to Paras. On seeing Paras, she says – ‘You have a girlfriend outside the house. Akanksha is very sweet and Mahira is just your friend. Don’t kiss Mahira again and again. ‘ During this, Mahira is looking at her mother and there is a smile on Paras’s face.

Actually, Paras keeps kissing Mahira repeatedly during the show. Although Mahira also forbids Paras, despite this he continues to work there. Paras has also expressed his love for Mahira during the show. Mahira has also said yes to things. The special thing is that in front of both the families, it is only called friendship. At the same time, Mahira’s mother reminds Paras that he has a girlfriend outside the house. She says that your girlfriend Akanksha is very sweet and Mahira is just your friend.

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The family round started in Bigg Boss from today. In this, all the families of the contestants will come to meet them. Aarti’s brother Krishna will come to the house of Abhishek, Shahnaz’s father and Mahira’s mother Bigg Boss. Both Shahnaz’s father and Mahira’s mother were seen taking classes from Paras.

Shehnaaz’s Father in bigg boss house.

Apart from Mahira’s mother, Shahnaz Kaur Gill’s father will also come on the show. Shahnaz’s father told him that whatever you have with Siddhartha, end it here. Saying this, he also gave his oath to Shahnaz. Also, while doing a class of Paras, said that earlier you used to say to Shehnaz that Mahira is jealous of you. Now this is what you say to Mahira.

Also, Shahnaz’s father told him that whatever you have with Siddharth, end it here. Saying this, he also gave his oath to Shahnaz. At the same time, while applying the class of Paras, he said that earlier you used to say to Shehnaz, Mahira is a jail to you. Now this is what you say to Mahira.

Meanwhile, Shefali Jariwala’s husband Parag Tyagi will also enter the show. Parag praised Shefali’s game as soon as she came on the show. After this, Parag came to Asim Riaz. Sitting next to Asim, Parag told him such a thing that the housemates were surprised on hearing this.

As Parag Tyagi arrives at the house, Shefali embraces him. Parag met all the family members after that, he told Shefali I want to talk to Asim. Parag sat next to Asim and said- ‘You knew Himanshi for some time. If someone talked to them in a loud voice, then you came to fight in between. I have known this for 10 years. If someone talks in a loud voice, I will tear it up. @BeingSalmanKhan #BB13 #SalmanKhan

On the way, Parag was making rhetoric for Paras Chhabra outside the house. It seemed to him that he would not even talk to Paras. However, the opposite happened. Parag hugged Paras happily. The promo video shows Parag asking the family to talk to Shefali in private. Parag then took Shefali to the captain’s room.

Parag told Shefali- ‘I took Simba on the drive. A carriage came nearby and a person sitting in that car said, “You are Shefali’s husband, are you not?” I am very happy to hear this. After this, Parag said- ‘I saw you learned to make round roti. I just want to say one thing, play for yourself. I tell you if you are a goon, then play like that.

Let me tell you, Shefali and Asim had a friendship at first house but their friendship broke up as soon as Himanshi Khurana left. During the show, their fight also happened many times. Asim had also refused to make bread for Shefali. Asim had said- I do not like to do anything for those who do not like me.

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