In Bigg Boss 13, we have latest and exclusive news that Devoleena will not return to BB House any time soon or not in This season.

Wednesday’s episode in Bigg Boss 13 was quite fun. For the task of captaincy, where the families were seen fighting with each other, the contestants prepared the dish for the sake of the guests on the occasion of Christmas in the house. But the family was shocked when suddenly the mastermint was thrown out of the house.

Actually Vikas Gupta had a wild card entry at home. He was brought home in place of Devoline. Devolina had a back injury so she went home for treatment. But even after several days passed, there was no improvement in Devolina’s health.

Bigg Boss told during the episode that Devolina’s back injury has not been corrected and hence the doctor advised her not to be a part of the show. Bigg Boss said, ‘It is not possible that Vikas has reached the final instead of Devolina. So he is being kicked out of the house, although he played quite brilliantly.

After this announcement of Bigg Boss, the housemates got very upset. Rashmi Desai started crying bitterly, while Vikas Gupta could not stop the tears in her eyes. After taking farewell from all the family members, Vikas reached the confession room, where Bigg Boss praised him.

In this episode, Rashmi was once again seen in a fierce form in the captivity task. Actually, Arhaan, who specializes in the task, pushed Arhan, causing him a head injury. Seeing this Rashmi came running and pushed Mahira and said, ‘This is not the way to play. you stupid girl .’ After this there was a lot of debate between the two.