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Vishal got the biggest punishment ever from Bigg Boss, this mistake was done during the task.

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‘Bigg Boss 13’ has less than 20 days left. In such a situation, every contestant faces a big challenge. On Thursday, there will be an uproar among the families once again during the captivity task. Vishal Aditya Singh is made the sanchaalak for this task. Where Vishal does something that he gets a severe punishment.

There are two teams during the task. One team is of Siddharth, the other team is of Asim. Siddharth and Asim’s team have a fight over the task several times. Then, while cheating the giant, give the point to Shehnaaz. On Vishal’s doing this, Shefali says that she does not accept this decision because it is wrong.

Annoyed by Vishal’s handling, Bigg Boss says that ‘there is not as much confuse operator as Vishal who claims to play with honesty and heart. It is grossly dishonest to abuse your rights by lying in public. be ashamed of.’ Bigg Boss punishes Vishal that he will no longer be given any job to get immunity.

While Siddharth’s team seems very happy with this decision of Bigg Boss, Vishal appeared annoyed. Vishal says, “It doesn’t matter to me.” If Vishal is cheating like this, now we have to see what is the reaction of Salman Khan in Weekend War.

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