Bigg Boss gives Siddharth and Paras a secret task

Siddharth and Paras have been given a task by the Bigg Boss which they had to do while staying in the secret room. We all know Due to ill health, Sidharth Shukla is moved to a secret room with Paras Chhabra and the two are given a chance to save one of the nominated contestants. 

Bigg Boss gives Siddharth and Paras a secret task in secret room.

Bigg Boss gives an opportunity to the nominated contestants to save themselves with a task. Bigg Boss announces that the four nominated contestants have to grab maximum footage and be the highlight of the house for the next one hour. The housemates were informed that the task will be live for the viewers but in reality, Sidharth and Paras are the viewers of the task and will get the power to save one.

The task was to nominate whoever was nominated this week like Mahira Shahnaz Madrima and Bhau from them on bells from Bigg Boss All they had to do was to see them at home and it would be a 1-hour live performance, of which the one who showed the most would be saved by nomination.

And it was clear that who had to show Paras and Siddharth in the house, in which both of them saved Mahira.

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