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As for Yeh hai Mohabbatein Update We already saw that Ishita manages to make a call to inform Yug that she has been kidnapped, the Bhalla’s find themselves facing obstacles to find her whereabouts.

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She somehow manages to communicate that she has been kidnapped and they need to save her. Yug and Aliya panic and inform Karan and Ruhi about this. Yug plays the call recording back and all of them become certain that Ishita is in danger.

Take the Ruhi Yug Alia and Karan back to see Ishita in watch today episode.

star plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbattein.

 Ruhi and Karan, on the other hand, will thank God that Ishita is safe and will leave to get her back.

What will happen next? Will Ishita get herself free from Arijit’s captivity? Will she be able to save Raman too? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates and gossips on the show.

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