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Will Anirudh forget the promise made to Bondita by breaking Bondita’s “baasi beeye” ritual or will Bondita remind him of the promise that Anirudh made while marrying Bondita.

The ritual of Bondit’s’ ‘Baasi beeye’ had just begun that Anirudh comes and blows the whole plate of color in the air and refuses to perform the ritual, after which Kaka Babu (Trilochan Roy Choudhary) gets very angry. And says to Anirudh that you have made us so insulted by bringing that girl from that poor house, it was less that now you are refusing this ritual Anirudh says that I have already said that Bondita Not my wife, I married her only to save her life.

Anirudh tells Panditji to go there and tells all the guests to go there too, but Bondita gets very sad after seeing all this and she thinks that if this ritual is not completed then my mother will not Will come to me anytime.

Anirudh goes to her alone and cries at the bottom of the table and Bondita starts complaining to her why you have not eaten anything for the time being because of the ritual, Anirudh says that the ritual was not there. Then Bondita says that if there is no ritual, mother will be able to come here to me. You had promised that my mother would stay with me, I had 2 conditions, did you forget to keep one hand of Rosogulla and the other mother with me. Have you forgotten

Anirudh gets surprised that this latter was written by Bondita, Anirudh came to know that it was written by Bondita, then Anirudh seems to think that it is just a coincidence that without the name of Bondita, the letter that came to me and Bondita and My marriage to or an attempt to change our society that “can make a difference with logic”.

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