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Watch Controversial Interview – The Hot Seat With Hot Sunny Leone

sunny leone

In this episode of ‘Hot Seat’, CNN-IBN’s Bhupendra Chaubey talked to Sunny Leone. This interview went viral and was talked in detail on Twitter, even the interviewer was slammed for asking tough questions.


Some of the questions asked were: There are lots of married women who look at Sunny Leone as a threat to their husbands, do you not care about all this? You would like to work with Aamir Khan, but would Aamir Khan like to work with you? A member of parliament, in his speeches, has held you responsible for corrupting Indian morality. How do you deal with that?

She was even asked: If Sunny Leone is becoming brand ambassador of New India, is that a dangerous trend to have?

The anchor didn’t stop there. He also asked Sunny if she is the reason behind the growing porn watchers in India.

“Since you have come to Indian cinema, the number of people watching porn has increased proportionately to the extent that we are now the world’s largest consumer of porn. Can you respond to that,” he asked. Read More

Sunny Leone displays far more dignity than these self appointed moral custodians of society.

— vidya balan (@vidya_balan) January 19, 2016

I am getting morally corrupted for interviewing you, journalist tells @SunnyLeone @bhupendrachaube

— ABP News (@abpnewstv) January 19, 2016

Sir @sanjayghai believe me Sunny Leone is doing drama to get more publicity to increase her price for strip shows n films, nothing else.

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) January 20, 2016

Even she is been discussed on several news channels given the incresed curiosity for her upcoming Movie ‘Mastizaade’.

I like Sunny Leone’s template, but it’s her template only @harishbijoor #NEWSROOM

— India Today (@IndiaToday) January 19, 2016