Ankona Mukherjee Superstar Singer Contestant- Sony Tv Audition 2019

Ankona Mukherjee , a new rising star sings Tum Sath Ho in front of the legend Alka Yagnik in Superstar Singer at Sony Tv.


13-year-old girl Ankona Mukherjee who is based out of West Bengal sang song ‘Agar tum saath ho’, Alka Yagnik who lent her voice after a decade with AR Rahman became nostalgic as she felt it was sung even better than the original version. Alka felt that the song was difficult to sing and she was really shocked listening to Ankona’s soulful voice as she sang with all her heart.

Captain Sachin Valmiki confessed that Ankona’s performance was mind blowing. Ankona’s voice made Alka Yagnik feel that there could not be a better version of this song.

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